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Getting Started With Medial Cannabis

How do you get started with medical cannabis in Florida? And what should you expect when visiting a medical marijuana doctor in Sarasota?

I Don’t Want to Lose My Job, Can I Still Use Cannabis Therapy?

There are some employers that are cannabis-friendly, that appreciate that patients using cannabis carefully are not impaired on the job and that they’re getting symptomatic relief.

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is the creation of a vapor that patients can inhale and get a medicinal benefit. It’s different than smoking. We will discuss this important topic today.

Is Marijuana Addictive?

The endocannabinoid system, our brain’s biochemical machinery that binds THC, is a very carefully balanced system and when too much THC is taken in the form of cannabis or marijuana, the receptors on our nerve cells become less populated.

Can Vaping Lead to a Lung Disorder?

Oftentimes vaping can irritate the throat and so we have to be careful. But recently there has been an outbreak of pulmonary diseases. Here’s what you need to know about vaping…

Can I Use Cannabis If I Have Diabetes or High Blood Pressure?

I have high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Can I still use cannabis for my back pain? Hi. I’m Dr. Dan Stein, Neurology of Cannabis owner, medical cannabis expert and board-certified neurologist and I would love to answer that question for you and...

Can Cannabis Be Used For Pain Management?

We have solutions to the opiate crisis in America. We have options for pain control. We just have to get the information and the products out to the people that need them. Hi. I’m Dr. Dan Stein, board-certified neurologist and medical cannabis expert. We’re going...

How Quickly Will I See Results With Cannabis Therapy?

I’m willing to try cannabis therapy. But when will I see results? We’re going to cover this and other similar topics today.

How do I Take my Cannabis Medicine? Do I Have to Smoke It?

How do I take my medicine? Do I have to smoke it? Are edibles available? These are the questions that I hear every day from patients interested in medical cannabis.

I Don’t Want to Get High, Can I Still Use Cannabis Medicine?

Patients that are interested with cannabis therapy need to know that they can still function at a high level and still use this therapy.

Will You Qualify For Medical Cannabis?

Here in Florida, there are specific laws about who can acquire medical cannabis therapy and how they are allowed to use it.

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