I’m not going to use cannabis therapy if I have to give up my gun. That’s a comment I hear quite a bit here in cannabis office. There’s a lot of guns in Florida and there’s a lot of people that need cannabis therapy. But unfortunately, there is a problem with concealed carry permits and cannabis cards.

Hi. I’m Dr. Dan Stein, Neurology of Cannabis owner, board-certified neurologist and medical cannabis expert. Here in the clinic in Florida, we get a lot of questions about whether or not individuals with concealed carry permits can still use cannabis therapy and the answer is it depends.

We have had a lot of mixed messages from different authorities on this subject. Nikki Fried, our Secretary of Agriculture I believe, is very opinionated in this matter and she believes that she can have her carry permit and still use cannabis.

But when it comes to renewing the certification for the carry permit, there’s a question on the form specifically about medical cannabis and on those federal forms, you cannot lie. That would be a felony I believe.

Similarly when you buy a new firearm, there’s a question there on the form about medical cannabis. So when it comes to renewing your carry permit or buying a new weapon, please be careful when you fill out those forms and be as truthful as possible.

In those individuals who already have a weapon or already have a carry permit, to the best of my knowledge, when you come in for a cannabis card, you can get certified. You will qualify if you have one of the medical conditions we discussed in another video and that specifically there will not be any cross-referencing of the carry permit and the medical cannabis card that will get you into trouble. But again, this is one of those topics that’s a bit murky. We’re hearing different advice from different people and the advice that I give to my patients is if you want to carry a weapon, you’re OK getting a cannabis card but you cannot re-certify yourself. You cannot renew that carry permit while you’re having your cannabis card in place because that would force you to lie on the form.

So I know that you have questions and that’s why you’re watching this video and you may have specific questions about this and other topics. So if you are a seasonal or permanent Florida resident and would like to ask us your question, call 941-400-1211 or email us info@neurologyofcannabis.com. That’s our video for today. I’m Dr. Dan Stein. Have a great day.