Patients seeking medical marijuana deserve a high level of care, overseen by an experienced physician who will get to know them. A professional medical cannabis clinic of Florida will ensure that your recommendations are personalized to your unique needs and that you’re comfortable throughout every step of the process.

Choosing a Medical Cannabis Clinic

Not every clinic holds to high standards of medical care. Some clinics take more of a factory approach to medical marijuana care. These clinics are sometimes a part of a large chain, and their priority is to see as many patients as possible as quickly as possible. They’re often set up in strip malls or storefronts and lack a professional atmosphere. These clinics offer an impersonal experience, a limited exam, and little-to-no help in knowing which medical marijuana options may be best suited to the needs of their patients.

A recent survey showed that a personal doctor-patient relationship is the most important aspect of medical care for the majority of consumers. Patients who prioritize personalized, professional care would do well to seek out a high-quality medical cannabis clinic of Florida. These clinics are true medical practices, run by experienced physicians who will do an exam, review your history, and give you personalized recommendations. For example, Neurology of Cannabis in Sarasota is headed up by Dr. Daniel P. Stein, a board-certified physician with more than 26 years of experience in cannabis and neurology research. We offer treatment in a warm, professional environment.

What to Expect at a Professional Medical Marijuana Clinic

What to Expect at a Professional Medical Marijuana Clinic

When patients visit a professional medical cannabis clinic like Dr. Stein’s, they can expect a high level of care. Since reviewing a patient’s medical history is an important part of a visit, patients should prepare by obtaining copies of their medical records before they go. Here are the steps to expect when visiting Neurology of Cannabis for the first time:

  1. Provide medical records: When patients arrive, they receive a warm greeting from friendly office staff, during which they collect medical records for Dr. Stein to review.
  2. Review and sign intake forms: Next, patients receive a questionnaire to complete and consent forms to review and sign. The questionnaire asks about why patients are seeking medical cannabis treatment, what medications they are currently taking, whether they have any allergies, and other questions. The consent forms address specifics regarding medical cannabis treatment, Dr. Stein’s practice, and complying with privacy laws.
  3. View educational video: Once patients complete their forms, patients are taken to the clinic’s education area. There, patients watch an informative video about medical marijuana. The video discusses conditions that medical cannabis can help treat, neurological aspects of medical marijuana treatment, and delivery methods for medical marijuana.
  4. Discussion with Dr. Stein: Next, patients meet with Dr. Stein. They discuss their reasons for their visit, and Dr. Stein asks questions about their medical conditions and history.
  5. Receive a medical marijuana treatment plan: After their discussion and when Dr. Stein answers all their questions, he formulates a treatment plan tailored to their needs. Patients are encouraged to ask questions about their treatment plan so they can feel completely comfortable moving forward.
  6. Obtain instructions on how to complete the state-required application online: Florida manages medical marijuana use through an online portal called the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. Dr. Stein’s office creates a new registry profile for patients. Patients will need to watch their email for two emails from the registry: one is a welcome email, and the other has their temporary password. Sometimes these emails go to spam folders, so be sure to check those as well. From there, patients follow the email link to create a secure password and complete their medical marijuana card application and pay their $75 registration fee.
  7. Get instructions on how to acquire medical marijuana: Patients receive information on how and where they can purchase medical marijuana that meets their treatment recommendations.

If patients have questions or concerns about their medical cannabis dosing or treatment recommendations, they are welcome to reach out to Neurology of Cannabis by phone, email, or by stopping in for a follow-up visit.

Neurology of Cannabis: Professional Patient Care

Neurology of Cannabis: Professional Patient Care

Neurology of Cannabis also sets itself apart by its simple pricing model. Unlike “card mills” that tend to nickel and dime patients for each visit, Neurology of Cannabis uses a simple, inclusive pricing model that’s easy for patients to fit into their budget.

Neurology of Cannabis charges an annual visit fee of $250, with discounts available to veterans. This fee includes:

  • The initial visit, including a consultation with Dr. Stein and comprehensive treatment plan.
  • Initial certification
  • Six-month recertification
  • Medication renewals
  • Registration of the patient and caregiver, if needed
  • Access to office staff for medication adjustments and general questions and inquiries

The fee does not include the cost of medical cannabis medication or the $75 registration fee patients pay to the state of Florida.

With its simple payment structure and professional atmosphere, patients feel right at home at Dr. Stein’s office. They’re greeted by warm front office staff member Chanel and Certified Cannabis Nurse Cindy, as well as Dr. Stein’s resident four-legged staff member Brody. Dr. Stein’s experience and expertise sets patients at ease, even if this is their first time using medical cannabis. Contact Dr. Stein’s office today to experience the level of care you deserve.

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