The medical cannabis industry is relatively new to Florida, with voter approval coming as a result of the 2016 election. If you are uncertain if you have a qualifying medical condition or are curious as to how medical cannabis may be able to provide relief, you are not alone.

You may feel anxious about how to go about receiving a recommendation and procuring the cannabis from a dispensary.

Although your feelings are understandable, the process is very straight- forward.

Dont allow your inhibitions or misconceptions about cannabis to prevent you from receiving the care you deserve for your medical condition. We are here to help.

What Should I Expect from My Medical Cannabis Doctor?

If you qualify, obtaining a medical marijuana card is not difficult in the state of Florida – but if you are new to the process you may need some advice in order to get started.

Your first step should be to make an appointment with a licensed medical marijuana physician who is permitted by law to make a recommendation for you. The recommending physician may not be your regular doctor, as only a doctor licensed to recommend medical cannabis is legally authorized to do so.

As you are asking your cannabis physician to provide you with a marijuana recommendation, they will ask you some questions to get to know your background and experience with cannabis.

Dont worry, admitting that you have experience with marijuana in the past is covered by doctor- patient privilege – and will help your doctor to make a more informed recommendation.

You can expedite the process by bringing a copy of your medical records. If no records are readily available, your conversation with Dr. Stein will provide the necessary valuable information. Be sure to have a valid government-issued ID with you, showing your current Florida residence. Seasonal residents can also qualify with documentation that you temporarily reside in the state of Florida.

Your medical marijuana doctor will also ask you about your day to day activities, and other responsibilities. This will help to determine which products or chemovars may be best for you at which times during the day.

Once you have consulted with your cannabis physician, he will provide an online treatment recommendation and certification. This online certification will be available to the dispensaries so that you can start therapy while waiting for the medical marijuana card to arrive in the mail.

Is a Recommendation the Same as a Prescription?

Due to federal prohibition medical marijuana doctors do not officially prescribe” cannabis. Instead, the doctor makes what is called a ‘recommendation’ as to what types of cannabis products and dosing strategies are likely to be helpful.

You should take this opportunity to learn from your cannabis doctor. He or she can educate you regarding the various chemical varieties (known as chemovars) which are available and have proven to be helpful for your specific medical condition.

However, they may advise you to get specific information from the dispensary of your choice.

Can You Be Turned Down for a Medical Marijuana Card?

If you have a qualifying condition, it is rare to be turned down for a medical cannabis recommendation. In most cases this can be determined with a brief, free phone call to our office. If an appointment at the office occurs and the doctor determines that cannabis is not a good therapy option, there would be no charge for the visit.

Ready to Get Started?

Just give us a call or ask your medical doctor to refer you to Neurology of Cannabis in Sarasota.

Board-certified physician Dr. Daniel Stein will provide you with customized treatment options and recommendations tailored to meet your specific needs. If you or your doctor have any questions, call our team today. We are here to help.