Eczema is an autoimmune skin condition also known as atopic dermatitis. The disease causes the skin to become red and inflamed, as well as itchy and flaky. While the itching is typically the first symptom and can occur even before the rash appears, the subsequent rash and blisters can spread when scratched and abrased. Water can make the symptoms worse.

This disorder can appear in children as early as five years old and continues into adulthood. Eczema typically flares up periodically, and patients may go years without symptoms. The primary triggers of this condition include genetic predisposition, allergens, common irritants, and poor blood circulation.

Patients may experience:
* red, brown, or gray patches on their skin
* small, raised bumps filled with fluid or pus. When scratched, the fluid will erupt and turn to crust
* extremely sensitive and swollen skin of the hands, feet, chest, and eyelids

There is no known cure for this skin disorder. However, preliminary research has indicated that medical cannabis has the potential to treat eczema.

Cannabinoids such as CBD may reduce inflammation and alleviate itching and help with stress and sleep disorders that can occur due to the discomfort.

Medical Cannabis and Itching

Apart from the cosmetic distress of eczema rashes, the intense itching is the patient’s main complaint. According to a study testing the efficacy of medical marijuana in an anti-itch cream, This is not an accurate reference for the statement being made more than 38 percent of study participants reported a complete disappearance of eczema symptoms after three weeks of treatment. More than 50 percent reported significant symptom diminishment.

While not a cure, this solution appears more effective than many available treatments for eczema.

Medical Cannabis to Fight Pain

Medical marijuana is also known for easing chronic pain. So it should not come as a surprise that it is proving to be effective at treating eczema pain. A patient’s skin becomes swollen, inflamed, and painful when their eczema has a flare-up. The flare-up is an inflammatory response that can cause cracked, dry or oozing skin. Cream-based moisturizers have traditionally been utilized to treat the irritation of eczema, but marijuana topicals are effective and can provide targeted relief.

Cannabis is a potent anti-inflammatory and painkiller that treats the condition without the adverse side effects of steroids. Chronic pain is on the medical cannabis qualifying conditions list in the state of Florida.

Medical Cannabis and Stress

When your body or mind is stressed or burdened, it can cause an inflammatory response. Anxiety often instigates eczema flare-ups, and stress can make pain and inflammation symptoms worse. Therefore it is essential when treating eczema to minimize mental or physical exertion. One popular method for stress reduction is the use of cannabis.

Marijuana topicals for eczema are beneficial for stress relief since they soothe the skin when applied directly to the affected area.

What’s Next?

Eczema is not on the “official” list of qualifying conditions for Florida. However, it has been certified by recommending physicians, and eczema patients have subsequently qualified for their MMJ cards. If you are interested in learning more about medical cannabis as a potential treatment for your condition, speak with your physician. If they cannot recommend medical cannabis, they can refer you to a physician who can.

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