I’m going on a trip to Italy. Well, I’m not going but my patient is going and wants to know if they can take their cannabis medicine with them or on vacationing in North Carolina. Can I take my cannabis?

This is an important question that we’re going to address in today’s video.

Hi. I’m Dr. Dan Stein. I’m a board-certified neurologist and medical cannabis expert. Here in our clinic, we talk with patients about the rules and regulations of using cannabis. It’s important that we abide by these rules, so that we can expand the availability of cannabis. Not just the patients here in Florida but all throughout the country and hopefully the world.

But there are rules and regulations and here in Florida, even though cannabis is legal for medicinal use, patients are not allowed to cross outside of Florida to other states or countries with their cannabis medicine.

This is because cannabis is still not legal on a federal basis. Federally cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug and according to our government, it’s not thought to have any medicinal value at all and therefore crossing state lines with cannabis is a federal offense, even if you cross from one legal state to another legal state.

Now I understand that the Transportation Authority, TSA, has been comfortable with patients that are carrying CBD, Cannabidiol, which is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant and a very popular remedy for a variety of conditions.

There have been people that have been stopped at the border with their CBD and oftentimes they can go through. But when it comes to THC-related products, things are a bit more dicey and my understanding is that the TSA refers those cases to the local law authorities to handle that issue in that state.

That’s for the United States. When it comes to crossing borders into other countries, the stakes are a little higher. There was a recent article about a young student who was incarcerated in Russia for having flower and that was not a good choice on that person’s part, but hopefully they will be released soon.

The bottom line is rules and regulations matter when it comes to cannabis use in Florida and we’re here to guide our patients and provide proper advice about what is and what is not allowed when it comes to traveling with your cannabis.

I do understand that you’re watching this video because you may have questions of your own. So if you are a seasonal or permanent resident of Florida and you would like to come in for a conversation or perhaps a consultation, I would love to talk with you. You can reach us here at 941-400-1211 or by email info@neurologyofcannabis.com.

That’s our video for today. I’m Dr. Dan Stein. Have a great day.